Hi-Tec  HS 65 MG

Hi-Tec HS 65 MG

  • $35.00

Micro Metal Gear Servo.

Dimensions 0.92" x 0.45"x 0.94" (23.6 x 11.6 x 24mm)
Product Weight 0.39oz (11.2g)
Output Shaft Style 25 tooth (B1) spline
Voltage Range 4.8V - 6.0V
No-Load Speed (4.8V) 0.14sec/60°
No-Load Speed (6.0V) 0.11sec/60°
Stall Torque (4.8V) 25 oz/in. (1.8kg.cm)
Stall Torque (6.0V) 31 oz/in. (2.2kg.cm)
Max PWM Signal Range (Standard) 610-2360μsec
Travel per µs (out of box) .108°/μsec
Max Travel (out of box) 189.5°
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Current Drain - idle (4.8V) 5.3mA
Current Drain - idle (6.0V) 6.6mA
Current Drain - no-load (4.8V) 400mA
Current Drain - no-load (6V) 500mA
Continuous Rotation Modifiable No
Direction w/ Increasing PWM Signal Clockwise
Deadband Width 4µs
Motor Type 3-Pole Neodynium Magnet
Potentiometer Drive Indirect Drive
Internal Feedback Style 5KΩ Potentiometer
Output Shaft Support Top Ball Bearing
Gear Type Straight Cut Spur
Gear Material Metal
Wire Length 6" (150mm)
Wire Gauge 28AWG