Flier Program Box

  • $19.99

By the Flier Program Box, you can set all of function value very simply.Setting procedure as follows:

1.Put the JR tip of ESC Plug in anyone of the 4PIN connector in Prog-Box.

2.Connect ESC and motor

3.Turn on the ESC, and you will hear a “Bi-“cheep, prompt the connecting is ok and you can go on.

4.Prog-Box display the name of Flier company first, after 5 seconds or pressing any button it will enter the first function-MODE TYPE setting interface.

5.Press← or →button to select the ESC type which you bought from Airplane, Helicopter, Boat, Car,then press“Forward”button to enter into the second function item-CONTROLLER TYPE.then press ← or → button to select the type number of ESC, if your select is right, the motor will cheep, prompt the type number is right.

6.From now on, you can press Back and Forward button enter into desired function item ,then press ←and→button enter into desired value. The motor will cheep once press a button ,prompt the setting value have sent to the ESC.

7.After setting over, turn off the ESC, disconnect the Prog-Box. The last function value will be record in Prog-Box, the next setting can use it again.