flier 250

flier 250

  • $179.00

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 RC 250A 2-8s Brushless ESC W/Water Cooling for Boat RC Model Speed




Design for boat, brand new and more efficient water cooling structure. 

l   The firmware is upgraded recently .

l Two way communication while connecting it with computer.

l Firmware can be upgraded by user.

l Motor wire can be checked  while Connecting the power battery.

l Simply set function value by Prog-Box or by PC via USB link wire.

l Li-MH/Li-Po,Ne-Cd/Ne-mH,LiFe battery can be use.

l Enables setting the voltage per cell for the point at which the controller’s cut off circuitry engages.Li-MH/Li-Po from 2.0-3.6V,Ne-Cd/Ne-.4-1.0V,LiFe from2.2-2.8V

l Reverse function. the delay time of reverse is adjustable.

l The power of the motor forward/ reverse can be set.

l Automatically detection the throttle route or can be set a fixed number by manual operation.

l Auto cut off the power within 3 seconds if no radio signs.

Timing setting may be adjusted (0°-30°) to suit the motor type.