flier 240

flier 240

  • $198.00

Directions for ESC are here


Flier new version 3S/16S brushless marine ESC 240A boat speed controller


1)The firmware is upgraded recently.

2)Two way communication while connectiing it with computer.

3)Firmware can be upgraded by user


4)Motor cable can be inspected while connecting the power battery.


5)Simply set function value by programming box or by PC via USB cable


6)Li-MH/Li-Po,Ne-Cd/Ne-mH,LiFe battery can be used.


7)Enables setting the voltage per cell for the point at which the controller's cut off circuitry engages,Li-MH/Li-PO from 2.0-3.6V,Ne-Cd/Ne,4-1.0V,LiFe from 2.2-2.8V.


8)Reverse function,the delay time of reverse is adjustable.


9)The power of the motor forward/reverse can be set.


10)Automactically detection the throttle route or can be set a fixed number by manual operation.


11)Auto cut off the power within 3 seconds if no radio signal.


12)Timing setting maybe adjusted(0-30)to suit the motor type.