Metalflake Red

Metalflake Gold

Metalflake Green

Blue White

Pink White

Black Gold

Black Yellow

Metalflake Blue

Blue Teal

Metalflake Gold

Allumminum Flake

Metalflake green black splatter

Metalflake green

Green with silver flake

Light Blue

Light Pink

Lime Green BlackSplatter

Lime Green

Medium Blue


Meatalflake Orange

Orange black Splatter

Dark Pink

Metalflake   Purple

purple yellow splatter


Metalflake Red

Metalflake Red with Silver

Red White Splatter

White Red and black Splatter

Yellow black Splater

Yellow Blue Splatter


Yellow Red Splatter

MetalFlake Purple with Yellow Splatter


NOTE:  Seaducer Boats, cannot be held liable or responsible for color correctness or match on actual boats, from colors represented above.  All Splatter and metalflake finishes are done one at a time by hand, color patterns may not be exact from one boat to the next