The New Seaducer Cat

This cat is a truly NEW cat. Not a copy of some other cat. The bottom has reverse steps to increase corner speed. The transom is at a angle to get a sharper corner for less drag Has a deep tunnel to keep the air under the hull in the corner to increase corner speed.. The motor compartment is all finished in gel coat so at the end of the day just wipe it out and the boat looks new again.  The floatation is already in the boat.  The radio box is part of the deck so no trying to hold the radio box still. Their is two different cowls for the boat. The first is a short cowl that shows the pipe. The other cowl is longer to cover up the pipe.  For the short time it has been raced it has racked up the wins. First race 1st place, Spring Nats 1st place. next race 2nd place. IMPBA Gas Nat's. LS Cat 2nd, XLS 1st, Offshore 1st.

Specifications for the Gas Cat
Length: 44 in.  Weight 7 Lb 
Width: 13 in. Made of fiber glass
Cost $385