The Seaducer Sport Hydro 

The sport Hydro was released on June 1st 2005 since then it has racked up the wins and Records. First Place at the Spring Nationals in Atlanta , 1st and  3rd place at the World Cup In Las Vegas,  1st,2nd,4th,5th,6th,7th at the Orlando Winter Natís in 2006 out of 46 other sport hydros. So far the boat has been unbeatable.  The Hydro was also the First Production Sport Hydro to run over 90 MPH. Setting the NAMBA straight a way record at 90.91 mph. 


The boat is all Carbon fiber, Comes with a built in radio box so no more trying to hold your radio box still. The turn fin bracket comes mounted to the transom for you. Behind the turn fin bracket is a ľ aluminum plate. So the turn fin bracket will never get ripped off. The turn fin come pre sharpened and bent from us. The stuffing tube is molded in to the boatís bottom so all you have to do is drill a 11/32 hole to install the brass tube no more cutting a long hole in your boat and messing with fiberglass.  The transom is angled to help to the hardware out of the water for better acceleration from the start and to help the launch. The deck has a built in (Rain Gutter) this lets the cowl go down in the deck to keep water from getting to the motor. If you look closely at the bottom you will notice the sponsons are offset to the port side. A first for Gas Sport Hydro's.  This helps the boat settle in the corner and stop what most other sport hydro's do (that is flat spin when turning)

Specifications for the Sport Hydro
Length: 44 in.  Weight 7 Lb 
Width: 22in. Made of Carbon Fiber